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The Best Books For Vacation Rental Investors

Jun 19

The Best Books For Airbnb Owners

You want to know more about topics such as Airbnb investing or short-term rental property management? Here are some of our favorite books.

This list contains books about Airbnb and vacation rentals. It will help you to find the best books and guides on managing short-term rentals and investing in Airbnb. These books can help you learn more about Airbnb investing or how to optimize your existing vacation rental company.

Optimize your BNB

The definitive guide to ranking #1 in Airbnb Search. Written by Daniel Rusteen a former employee of Airbnb. Rusteen is a well-known industry expert and has distilled much of his knowledge into this book. However, much of Rusteen's content can be found online at the OptimizeMyBnb site. Some reviewers also complained that the book needed to be edited.

It is very helpful but not the best (or all?) The majority (all?) of the content comes from his blog. However, I would still purchase it for marking and making notes. -- R Mitchell

Master of Vacation Rentals

10 Steps to Hosting Success with Airbnb + Other Platforms. Authored by Jeff Pierce. This book was written by Jeff Pierce, an Airbnb Superhost. It is his 10-step guide to success in a vacation rental. It includes concepts such as vacation rental design (and photography), pricing, and promotions.

Jeff, an Airbnb superhost and a great writer wrote a fantastic guide for beginners to Airbnb. The guide covers everything from choosing the right property for you (if you're new or expanding), maximizing your income by booking midweek bookings, pricing and discount guidelines, and how to communicate with guests like an old friend but professionally.

There are more details, but they are not too detailed and easy to understand. Thanks to a few clever puns, the writing was concise and easy to read.

How to Rent Vacation Properties from Owner

The Best Selling Book Since 2004 - 3rd Edition Christine Hrib-Karpinski wrote this book. This is the most widely-read book on vacation rental properties. This book is a comprehensive guide to how to purchase, furnish, manage and rent vacation rental properties. Even though some of the advice is a little outdated, it contains a lot of useful information. The book is easy to read, with no unnecessary detail. [...] It gave me more confidence in entering into bigger concerns, such as finances for vacation rental businesses. Some chapters gave me the impression that they were from the past. Details about renting checks, handling bookings by pen-and-ink, and getting renters to sign them off made me want to read a new edition. This would have been able to deal with the rapid development of online businesses and the evaluation of existing online sites. Gordon Clawson

The Book on Rental Property Investing

How to create wealth with intelligent buy-and-hold real estate investing. Brandon Turner is the host of BiggerPockets (#1 Real Estate Podcast). This guide will help you to invest in rental properties. It includes strategies, tips, and practical advice.

There are many books on real estate investing. This book is one of the best. Brandon Turner is a common-sense writer with a proclivity for action. He explains the basics of real estate and gives you a lot to plan and think about. This book is a great place to start. Ed Barton

The Book on Managing Rental Properties

This proven system is designed to find, screen, and manage tenants with minimum headaches and maximum profits. Authored by Heather Turner and Brandon Turner, hosts of BiggerPockets Podcast. The book includes personal stories of vacation rental owners and practical tips. This book is a simple and easy-to-read guide to managing rental properties. This book covers basic property management, as well as some helpful hints for those who have been in this business for a while. It was a little too basic for me, so I gave it a 4-star rating. However, this book is perfect for anyone who has just a few units to manage or just starting out in the world of property management. You could take it or leave it if you have more experience. However, there are enough original ideas to make it worth the purchase and quick reading. -- Natasha G

Some of the information in these airbnb books is available online on forums and blogs about vacation rental marketing, but sometimes it's more useful to have it in print form. For more information, see our resources.

More Airbnb / Vacation Rental Book

These books are great for vacation rentals and Airbnb.

  • Airbnb for Dummies
  • Short-Term Rent, Long-Term Wealth By Avery Carl
  • The Vacation Rental Bible By David Mencel
  • Alex Wong's Airbnb Superhost Checklist
  • Create a Rental Property Empire By Mark Ferguson

Do you have any recommendations for books on Airbnb investing, short-term property management, or other related topics that you would recommend? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.